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Hi, we are the Johnson's family. We are a military family. Being a U.S. Army family is difficult seeing that we move extremely often and many times this does not involve all of us at the same time. Deployments, schools, and training puts a lot on our family. Presently, my husband was a Military Police Officer Dog Handler at that time he had the opportunity to work with different breeds of dogs that are productive in helping soldiers on a daily basis. This is when he made the decision that the German Shepherd is the perfect dog. The German Shepherd would obey, listen, play, entertain, and most importantly protect his family when he was gone. He had met Atos from a previous handler and Atos was about to retire becasue he had many deployments and his time was up in serving his country. My husband immediately working closely with Atos decided to jump on adoption papers. Atos was adopted and the entire family has grown to love the German Shepherd Breed. ​

Atos Adopted: 25 Aug. 2009


We are a family of two adults and five children. Crazy, but it is wonderful. We are currently living in Whitney, TX.


Having the dogs and puppies allow us all to bond as a family and helps teach my children responsibility. We are all very active people. All my children are involved in sports and we stay busy year around.


We are a big busy family and like it this way! 

We support CKC!

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